Friday, December 19, 2008

Speaking of right format ...

On blogs older messages tend to get into a "black hole". They get difficult to find for yourself and for your readers. The more posts you have, the harder some of them are to find.

Two tips:

  • 1 make an index to all of the blog, either on a separate blog post to which you link from main page or on a text (in which you can link, which you do) as added item on margin or bottom of main page.
  • 2 make minor, partial indexes to serialised blog posts, attach them to each of the blog posts concerned, either by reediting or as comments.

Series on writing, English: 1 Verse drama today 2 Scott McCloud - The invisible Art 3 Some Inklings' Children's books' statistics 4 Speaking of right format ...

Series on etymology, word meanings and comparative linguistics (including orthograhy), English: 1 Milk and Gollum, and Nostratic M-L-Q 2 On the "grey" of grey-friars ... 3 To stop a journey=to mend a day 4 From Jesus to Coelho 5 Pronoucing Swedish, two common phrases

Series on literary criticism, English: 1 "Antigone's flaw" 2 Review of an adverse criticism 3 Promo: "Against Readings" (i e Marxist Readings, Freudian Readings, et c)

Historical and such: 1 Marriage sole carreer? 2 Austrian flag means: "Thou shalt not pass" 3 When was Beowulf written? 4 Astrology may well be astrolatry, BUT not because of geocentrism "of Babylonians" or of extra month in Pagan Greek calendar.

Tolkien lingustics and language philosophical questions: 1 Milk and Gollum, and Nostratic M-L-Q 2 Is Boromir a mimsy borogove? 3 "If God spoke a language" - to correct Grimm

Accusative and Dative for English speakers ...

Lloyd Chudley Alexander, mémoire éternelle

Série d'étymologie et d'autres questionnettes: 1 Diverses questionnettes de philologie 2 Le Chocolate ... hein? (prénez-en une cuiller) 3 Les Montiliens sont d'où? 4 Dimanche n'est pas un nom personnel français ... 5 Les Gogo sont basques? 6 Lundahl, pas Lindhal, s v p! 7 Pronoucing Swedish, two common phrases

Patois, argot ou langue littéraire - z'ont tous une structure.

Série sur la bonne écriture, français: 1 En tout art ... 2 Escapisme 3 "repli identitaire" - tenèbres du laïcisme"

Tyskans kasus
"Claude Gérard", författare-pseudonym
om svenska: Pronoucing Swedish, two common phrases

Der Gau oder das Auenland?

"photograpsit" an "photegrapse"?