Sunday, November 29, 2020

Chronométrage de la liturgie

Des droitistes ont une très bonne attitude en général, vis-à-vis le Moyen Âge.

Par contre, ils en sont pas toujours très érudits.

Francis Bergeron* voulait pas croire la nouvelle selon laquelle au XVe siècle un abbé aurait chronométré la liturgie à une minute par page du Missel.

J'ai moins de difficultés de le croire. Au monastère du Barroux, on chronomètre le chapelet en français à 15 minutes par 5 mystères, ou encore mieux 20 minutes. En considérant les tailles des lettres dans des missels d'autel du Moyen Âge (le prêtre ne disposant pas toujours de bonnes lunettes), une minute par page devrait être révérant.

Ceci pour éviter qu'on lise la Messe dans un quart d'heure, si on voulait faire la chasse ou autre chose le reste du dimanche (c'était pendant une chasse qu'un évêque a divisé la Bible en chapitres - il la connaissait par cœur). Le but du chronométrage aurait donc été correct, le contraire du chronométrage stressant dans les usines. On voulait garantir que Dieu ne soit pas privé d'une minute qui de bon droit Lui devait être consacré.

Au XVe siècle, on était très occupé du cours du temps. On se posait des questions sur la fin des temps, et si elle approchait. Jean le Charlier de Gerson enseignait que l'astrologie pouvait renseigner sur des évenéments publiques contemporains à l'horoscope (il ne disait pas que le destin de chaque personne était déterminé par l'horoscope de son heure de naissance), d'où l'intérêt pour les comètes parmi les astronomes professionnels les deux siècles suivants.

Et par horoscope on entendait l'heure précise. D'où - typiquement XVe siècle, 1410, les douze apôtres de Prague, c'est d'abord un horloge astronomique.

Il y a d'autres sujets du Moyen Âge dont ces droitistes sont aussi mal renseignés. Par exemple, il y en a qui pensent que la monarchie avait pour but de restreindre l'égoïsme, en fait elle avait plutôt pour but de restreindre les conflits qui pouvaient surgir par les égoïsmes opposés. En jugeant, elle restreignait effectivement un égoïsme qui avait trop ambitionné, mais pas parce qu'égoïsme, plutôt parce que dans le tort. Elle satisfaisait donc en même temps l'égoïsme de l'autre partie, celle lésée dans ses droits, pour écarter une source de conflits.

Et si St. Thomas disait que Dieu gère les choses par causes sécondaires, ça ne veut pas dire toutes les choses, il y a toujours les choses sécondaires qui sont les plus proches de la cause primaire, et par lesquelles Dieu gère le davantage d'autres choses, et les causes secondaires ne se limitent pas aux causes que la science de nos jours considérerait comme naturelles, car les âmes humaines et les anges sont aussi secondaires, pas l'incréé.

Et d'autres et encore d'autres sujets. Comme le fait que le paysan avait davantage de jours chômés avant qu'après le XVIIe siècle, ou que les mariages dont la femme était adolescente étaient assez courantes dans la haute noblesse du Moyen Âge et que rien ne permet d'affirmer que c'était autre chose pour les gens communs. Ou que la prise d'intérêt était vraiment mal vue.

Hans Georg Lundahl
I Dim. d'Avent

* Samedi une semaine avant hier. PRÉSENT.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

What Martyrology, by the way?

Background to Christmas Martyrology · What Martyrology, by the way?

ISTC No. iu00080500
Author Usuardus
Title Martyrologium
Imprint Venice : Johannes Emericus, de Spira for Lucantonio Giunta, 15 Oct. 1498
Number of holding institutions 20

Unlike the later one called "editio princeps" by Pope Gregory XIII, while this one was - my benefactor spoke - ”secundum usum Romane curie,” it was not promulgated over either the Church Universal or even all of the Latin Church.

One Joannes Baptista Sollerius who lived later attributed this one to Bellini, and he also claimed - as already stated and quoted - that the Christmas martyrology did not have the LXX based chronology in any manuscripts (of Usuardus), but that these came with "the edition of Bellini".

Anyway, this means that the chronology was already present during the council of Trent, with Troy, whether it was Gregory XIII or Benedict XIV who took Troy away./HGL

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Lisa Gardner's Tips for Writers

I'd like to have contacted her herself, but all contact info was to her publishers in diverse combnations, so, I searched her pages and found:

Lisa Gardner : For Writers

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Art of Interpretation

HGL'S F.B. WRITINGS : Drew Gasaway Attacking QAnon - and Himself · Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Art of Interpretation

Mode 201 - over the web.

There is no way for social-media users to know who Q is. Whoever is posting as Q uses a password-protected account that produces a unique ID, visible to other users. This is how forum-goers can verify that the account posting “Q drops” is the same over time. Q was initially believed to be one person, but it is now accepted that multiple people, in cooperation, are posting using the pseudonym, says Harvard researcher Brian Friedberg. (In November 2017, a small-time YouTube video creator named Tracy Diaz banded together with two moderators from the 4chan website, Coleman Rogers and Paul Furber, to push QAnon onto mainstream platforms, according to Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins of NBC News. Rogers and his wife, Christina Urso, later launched the Patriots’ Soapbox, a round-the-clock live-streamed YouTube channel devoted to QAnon coverage which they use to call for donations that are accepted through PayPal, cryptocurrencies or mail. Recent guests on the show include GOP Congressional candidate and QAnon supporter Lauren Boebert, and Erin Perrine, director of press communications for Trump’s reelection campaign.)

Inside QAnon, the Conspiracy Cult that’s Devouring America
By Jason McGahan -August 17, 2020

Obviously, if it is the same account, and if the "Q drops" are very similar, one way of interpreting this, is, Q is one person who has one account who has one style.

In fact, I think this is the main option.

Believing Q is a committee is - a conspiracy theory. Not an extremely wild one, but still.

It's going viral since I had Drew Gasaway claiming to be confident Q Anon is neither an American nor a single person.

I have never been into Q Anon. Here is why : I am trying to get celebrity status a bit the same way, but under my own name and with a more varied essay style than Q Anon's "Q drops" that are famous enough to have been seen even by me, for instance when William Tapley once cited one of them.

But I do know from my own case, as wanting also to get some money for my writing in the end, that being mistaken for a committee driven by a foreign spy system (Drew Gasaway considers Q Anon could be a Russian spy) happens, and it sucks. Well, perhaps it doesn't suck to Q Anon, perhaps it boosts his sense of secrecy and intrigue to have actually driven people to that conspiracy theorising.

This quote is from at least one relevant passage of footnote 59 on wikipedian article. It is to lines saying

The pseudonymous identity known as Q is likely controlled by multiple people in cooperation.[59]

By design, anonymous imageboards such as 4chan and 8chan obscure their posters' identities,[59][83]

In it, the article is not attributed to Jason McGahan, but to ...

Stuart, Gwynedd (August 17, 2020). "Inside QAnon, the Conspiracy Cult that's Devouring America". Los Angeles. Retrieved September 20, 2020.

The following goes on to say:

but those who wish to prove a consistent identity between posts while remaining anonymous can choose to use a tripcode, which associates a post with a unique digital signature for any poster who knows the password.[28][84] There have been thousands of posts associated with a Q tripcode, known as "Q drops".[28] The tripcode associated with Q has changed several times, creating uncertainty about the poster's continuous identity.[28] Passwords on 8chan are also notoriously easy to crack, and the Q tripcode has been repeatedly compromised and used by people pretending to be Q.[85] When 8chan returned online as 8kun in November 2019 after several months of downtime, the Q posting on 8kun posted photos of a pen and notebook that had been pictured in earlier 8chan posts to show the continuation of the Q identity, and continued to use Q's 8chan tripcode.[28]

There have been thousands of posts on my blogs as well. Fortunately, I have not seen any fake posts, so far. I have missed things I remembered posting, like a link to Alex Jones, though. There could be a similar reason why the posts are many : both persons share a passion for writing and for writing controversial opinion. As said, though, I am not Q Anon. But I am sensitive to possibility I could be misconstrued in a similar way as I think he is being misconstrued.

Perhaps I should read footnotes 28 and 85 as well, but even repeated compromising of a tripcode could happen to a single person. I had two blogger accounts rapidly locked in 2006, and I have two wordpress accounts locked too, the second accidentally, by not changing e-mail rapidly enough while one was closing. The e-mail connected to it, that is. These are not valid reasons to have any serious doubt about the identity of Q Anon over time.

Hans Georg Lundahl
St. Martin's Day

PS, Adrienne Lafrance also in footnote 28 did not say the tripcode had changed several times. Here a wikipedian seems to have misscited the article./HGL

PPS, people who point to me having several URLs for several blogs for same suspicions : I have several blogs to keep some order on content (and in cases of articles which could logically be posted on either of two, sometimes to allow another blog to have previous article highest)./HGL

PPPS, I have proven blogs belong to same account by cross-referencing for instance in this case between this blog and HGL's FB Writings, the article where I debated Drew Gasaway./HGL

PPPPS, I am often tired and I do my own html - this post proves both, since I made the footnotes "sub" instead of "sup" in the html marking./HGL

PPPPPS - I also forgot to link to wiki:

Wonder if the wikipedian who misscited sources about QAnon was ... QAnon?/HGL

Monday, November 9, 2020

C'est quoi le capitalisme, selon Chesterton?

Gilbert Keith Chesterton considère que le trait marquant du capitalisme, c'est le grand nombre de sans-capital, le grand nombre de prolétaires.

Bon, il le considérait, il est mort en 1936, mais je crois pas qu'il ait dû changer son avis au Ciel.

Or, capitalisme est l'état des affaires dans lequel le grand nombre, appelé "les prolétaires" n'accèdent au capital réel qu'à travers une classe restrainte appelée "les capitalistes" par les contrats de salariat et de location. On gagne son pain, pas en travaillant sur son chantier, mais sur celui d'un autre, et en recevant de celui-ci un salaire. On se couche le soir, pas en possédant sa maison, mais en payant un loyer à celui qui le possède.

Individualisme, c'est une leurre dans ce contexte. Les capitalistes ne le prônent pas. Ils n'ont pas non plus un goût prononcé du risque. Plutôt, ils font les investissements de la manière la plus sure possible (en se trompant de temps en temps), et de manière assez collective.

Le communisme ou bolchévisme est donc une forme du capitalisme, et l'état contraire, c'est quand la plupart travaillent sur leur propre propriété et dorment dans leurs propres maisons. Cet état contraire, il appelait "distributisme" et il le trouvait en partie au Moyen Âge, et en partie dans les villages de la Serbie (il commençait de s'intéresser à la quesion avant la Grande Guerre, où son frère Cecil est mort un peu avant l'armistice.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Basilique Notre Sauveur du Latran

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Since it is 5th of November ...

... I see no reason why false flagging treason should ever be forgot.

In other words, I subscribe to Belloc's theory that Guy Fawkes and plotters were deliberately led on to just before they could actually act, and then arrested.

In their own persons, they were pretty desperate due to extreme barbarism applied to Catholics.

In the sequence of events after their arrest, innocent people were arrested and martyred for being Catholic. Some might find parallels to the Reichstagsbrand in ... checking wiki ... early 1933, if the article is in good order.

Here I give some space to Stephanie Mann:

Supremacy and Survival: The English Reformation: Bonfire Night and Occupy Wall Street

Supremacy and Survival: The English Reformation: The Fifth of November on the Son Rise Morning Show!

Supremacy and Survival: The English Reformation: Clearing His Name: Father John Gerard, SJ

Supremacy and Survival: The English Reformation: Gunpowder Plot Martyrs