What's a Docent in Sweden?

I have more than once referred to my "docent" in Latin being a Catholic / Novus Ordo priest (he now does EO form, his ordination was in Novus Ordo), who is also a Dominican tertiary.

He introduced me, on a course that was voluntary and didn't count in credits, to St. Thomas Aquinas.

So, in Latin I had a professor - an atheist and a Chomsky fan, and a docent, see above, and both were experts of St. Bridget of Vadstena as we say, or St. Bridget of Sweden as you say.

In Greek I had a professor - more or less Pyrrhonist to Middle Academy - and a "lector" - who was neo-pagan, very sportive, and nicknamed me "Hans prima vista Georg" for my back then capacity to miss the homework, see the text for the first time in class and translate while reading even if not finishing before I was through stating the translation.

As these are public people, I will not leave their names undisclosed.

The docent, for whom the page is named, is Anders Piltz.
The Latin professor was (I think he died) Birger Bergh.
The Greek professor, Jerker Blomqvist, wrote a Greek grammar.
The Greek lector was Staffan Fogelmark.

Professor here means the principal university teacher of the university.
Lector is translated Associate professor.
Docent is doctor habilitatus. Requires four years full time research after PhD./HGL


PS, the back then "Klassiska Institutionen" has since split up.

Institutionen för Arkeologi och antikens historia

Have kept the building.

Språk- och litteraturcentrum

Have kept the faith./HGL

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