Tuesday, June 12, 2018

If you read old texts - did people really do things like that back then?

Some seem to have doubts. Back when men had hats, did they really take off their hat to a lady?

Or did someone write that just for the story?

Would Sir Walter Raleigh really have put his cape under the feet of "Queen Elizabeth" (or Usurper and Tyrant Elizabeth Boleyn, as some decent people would prefer to call her)? Or was that imagined just to show off a man who probably behaved like a fat boss in office drinking too much coffee from morning to evening (perhaps even more than I do!)?

Well, there was a Scottish lass, and she went to "America" (I think she meant US of, not Mexico or Canada, since the cities she mentioned were Boston and New York). She looked at red fire hydrants in an oval 8 shape, at cicular man holes and not square ones and at yellow taxis.

"that I've seen in the movies and I was ... they don't just make this up for cinema, this is actually how these people do things"

I suppose those who have grown up with only one language in childhood are also surprised that someone is actually speaking that foreign language with apparent fluency and reacting to their own language with either complete incomprehension or a surprising lack of fluency. Yeah, right, speaking another language than my own is not a show you put on, it really happens (it even happens you speak "dead languages" fluently, but in that case, if many people do so and you are not one in perhaps 15 archaeologists in the world who are fluent at Hittite, it is preferrable to speak of "classic language" or "learned language").

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
St John of St Facundus

PS, this post of mine includes comment on work that is her copyright, this could perhaps not be done any more if a certain paragraph 13 passed:


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