Saturday, September 26, 2020

Still Hobbit Week

I was disappointed with Donald Swann's The Road Goes Ever On and On - as in too operatic, not sth a hobbit would be likely to sing without accompaniment. The melody was mainly good. I prefer my own improvised melody, from the Camino de Santiago, which I started singing while approaching Galicia, still in León, probably already in O Berzo / El Bierzo (I put the Galician version first, because "O Berzo xa fala galego" - you already speak Galician in El Bierzo).

But this was no disappointment:

Tolkien's Unfinished Sequel to The Lord of the Rings
In Deep Geek | 27.VII.2020

I had just one correcting comment on the presentation, since I had glanced at The New Shadow decades ago:

Doing orcs' work?

As I recall it, not for stealing the apple, but for stealing it unripe and just fooling around with it, Borlas (Gorlas?) would not have considered it orcs' work to steal an apple to eat it.

And, to return to The Road Goes Ever On and On - "The Road Goes On" from the Lord of the Rings Musical is better than Donald Swann in this respect./HGL

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