Saturday, January 16, 2021

Apollo in Modern Greek?

Gematria of Apollyon / Apollon · Apollo in Modern Greek?

If you go to Greek wiki for Απόλλων, fairly high up, you will find "Ο Απόλλωνας". I am now just dealing with the nominative.

This change in classically III declinsion nouns ending in nasal or liquid seems regular : instead of "o Πατηρ" you have "o Πατέρας", instead of "η Μητηρ" you have "η Μητέρα" (without s, since feminine), and Mammon is by now "o Μαμωνάς", the name Plato can take its classical form, but further down I see "Πληροφορίες για τη ζωή του Πλάτωνα" which would argue "ο Πλάτωνας", Pytho is "o Πύθων" in Mythology, but "o Πύθωνας" as to the snake.

In other words, I have not invented "Ο Απόλλωνας" to get the following:

       Ω  Σ A  
O   ΠOΛΛ N    TΛ
  A      A     B

Omega and sigma add upp to the alpha to the left, meaning one thousand, omicrons, pi, lambdas and nu add up to tau lambda, meaning three hundred thirty, and the two alphas add up to the beta to the right, meaning two.

Now, divide 1332 by 2 ... yes, exactly that number. Again!/HGL

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