Saturday, December 8, 2012

Aztecs today

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I was hearing two men speak in Arabic in the bar today. As I did not react to what they said and seemed bored, they switched to French. One of them mentioned something about the Aztecs, whom some suppose to have been victims of genocide through the Spaniards. So, here is what I find: backup backup backup

Erroneous answer: backup

If that were true, why are there Mexicans who speak nahuatl? The fact is, the Conquistadors kept record of what guys were killed off and what guys were not. And one people neighbouring the Azteks, who wanted no more of the human sacrifice, who sided with the Spaniards, were killed off, most of them, by the Aztecs. That also is something Aztecs do not do today. Thanks to Spanish missionaries and to the Blessed Virgin, and a bit thanks to Spanish soldiers too, they are no longer into either genocide or human sacrifice./HGL

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