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Wilberforce, Wilberforce and Wilberforce

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Wilberforce as in William was a British Abolitionist, first of Slave Trade, then of Slavery remaining after Trade finished.* Wilberforce as in his son Samuel "Bishop" of Oxford (Anglican Bishops lack Apostolic Succession) was a Creationist debater, misquoted about his debate with Huxley.* And yet another Wilberforce was a Catholic convert, along with Newman and Manning.* Now, the Creationist Wilberforce did not distance himself from his father the abolitionist Wilberforce. And I do not think the Convert Robert Isaac distanced himself from anything in father and brother apart from Anglicanism as an Avatar of Protestantism. I think he fully endorced the Abolitionist in his father and the Creationist in his younger brother Sam.

If I am not quite as Enthusiastic for US American Abolitionism of mind nineteenth century, it is because I find it dangerously fanatic and ill guarded against other forms of slavery than the one usually so called (Pope Leo XIII claimed the condition of workers under industrial capitalism were worse than that of slaves, I agree with that) and also for other reasons so ill executed that it had to be done all over again one hundred years later by one much better man called Martin Luther King. And just as I prefer Martin Luther King to Martin Luther from Wittenberg, I also prefer Wilberforce, Wilberforce and Wilberforce to Abe Lincoln and Ulysses Grant.

Some Southron gentlemen were the William Wilberforce on their own ranch, such as Robert E. Lee, some were from "countries" too poor too own slaves, such as Appalachian yokels. The guys that Al Capp portray in Li'l Abner and that Jeff Smith subtly refers to in the population in the village were Bone, Bone and Bone go.

To return to the Wilberforces, if it had been true that the country of Freethinkers like Benjamin Franklin were really more imbued with the Biblical sense of the brotherhood of man, how come then that countries less imbued with it, supposedly, like Spanish or Portuguese colonies had the religion that Robert Isaac converted to? Can it be that what the Kings George III and IV did on advise of his father was what Philip II of Spain was doing in the Philippines as early as 1570 (one year before defeating the Turks at Lepanto)? Would merit some research and thought, right?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
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Anti-slavery activist William Wilberforce: Christian hero
by Jonathan Sarfati

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Note that the Spanish revulsion from slavery was not quite absolute: negroes were imported - usually on non-Spanish ships, see Asiento de Negros, and from treaty of Utrecht England enjoyed the privilege. But at the same time slavery of Indigenous peoples (Latin America or Philippines) was discouraged as said, while black slaves were held only in smaller parts of the directly Spanish colonies (unlike Brazil, under Portugal and therefore part time under Spain).

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Let us add another Wilberforce, shall we?

Fr. Gerard Wilberforce :
William Wilberforce’s Great Grandson Says if Alive Today Wilberforce Would Fight Abortion