Monday, November 7, 2022

Aymara and Quechua are Not Same Family

Are they?

Some linguists have claimed that Aymara is related to its more widely spoken neighbor, Quechua. That claim, however, is disputed. Although there are indeed similarities, like the nearly identical phonologies, the majority position among linguists today is that the similarities are better explained as areal features rising from prolonged cohabitation, rather than natural genealogical changes that would stem from a common protolanguage.

  Quechua Aymara
1 huk maya
2 iskay paya
3 kimsa kimsa
4 tawa pusi
5 pisqa phisca
6 suqta suxta
7 qanchis paqalqu
8 pusaq kimsaqalqu
9 isqun llatunka
10 chunka tunka

ILoveLanguages! | 7 Nov. 2022

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