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One Good Thing about Harry Potter : Honest about School

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Some Christians or people who think they are so consider it their duty to side with educators.

Some of them have tended to forget how C. S. Lewis saw school and so doesn't really bother bringing it up against him.

And for some, this could be the reason they hate Harry Potter.

I think there is truth in fiction at times, and here is an item:

In a 1999 interview, Rowling stated that Draco is based on several prototypical schoolyard bullies she encountered[9] and Snape on a sadistic teacher of hers who abused his power.

I had less Snape and more Draco in my school life. I still very much prefer the homeschooling episodes with ma, short but dear to me.

Harry Potter has inspired comments like these:

Why HARRY POTTER’s Wizarding World and Hogwarts Are Actually Horrible Places
by Rosie Knight • Jun 23 2017 • 9:00 AM

25 Things That Are Wrong With Harry Potter (That We All Choose To Ignore)
by Zooey Norman – on Mar 10, 2018 in Lists

20 Things Wrong With Harry Potter We All Choose To Ignore
by Jordan Phillips – on Jan 21, 2019 in Lists

OK, the last of these is a bit exessively* pro-school ("he's a terrible student") as I suppose another Jordan P might be, he also is wrong about contact lenses being safer in battle, I think, but Rosie and Zooey are so right (say I even without reading the books first) and I wonder how much they will discover about mundane school systems once they allow these thoughts to look a bit aside the fiction into Real Life counterparts of certain items.

As for those who think children shouldn't study magic, I quite agree. But this doesn't just rule out Hogwart : a professor arguing for contraception, abortion, psychiatry, futurology, evolution, astrophysics is in some way teaching potion lore and divination. And unlike Hogwarts spells, a potion lore and divination that is actually in use these days.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Day after St. Luke

* I was excessively tired after rising too early this morning ...

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