Saturday, November 28, 2015

Is It Presentism to Condemn the Racialism of Woodrow Wilson?

[1) Is It Presentism to Condemn the Racialism of Woodrow Wilson?, 2) Someone Suggested, Maliciously, Lincoln was Murdered for the "Very Dark Cloud" Anti-Catholic Talk]

Actually, not.

There was an antiracialist morality around in his day too. It was Catholic.

Woodrow Wilson was culpable of:

  • Ending Austro-Hungarian Empire in favour of a Nationalism (all nationalisms were OK except the German one, and even that one obtained a united Germany, against Clémeanceau, reduced but not divided borders as per Prusso-German ones);
  • Sending Trotski to Russia where he helped to end Czarism (despite being the ally of the Czar);
  • Supporting the Anticlerical Mexican Revolution;
  • Racialism;
  • Suppressing antidraft activists;
  • Supporting Women's Suffrage;
  • Possibly the 16th Amendment should be held against him too;

... but there is a good point:

  • Fighting the Big Corporations, Anti-Trust Laws.

Would all the points where I disagree with Wilson have been points where he found support in the morality of his time?

No, they are points in which he found support in PROGRESSIVE morality of his time.

The point where they were good reactionaries (Brandeis, nominated by Wilson, was "Progressive Party" and Anti-Trust) does not mean that there were no point where they were the opposite, fiddling around with moral questions. Playing the school masters to their ancestors and to the ancestors of other people.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Sosthenes

Apud Corinthum natalis sancti Sosthenis, ex beati Pauli Apostoli discipulis; cujus mentionem facit idem Apostolus Corinthiis scribens. Ipse autem Sosthenes, ex principe Synagogae conversus ad Christum, fidei suae primordia, ante Gallionem Proconsulem acriter verberatus, praeclaro initio consecravit.

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