Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tip for any fan fiction writers on Susan Pevensie after Last Battle

Janice Hardy's Fiction University : 5 Essential Questions to Ask When Writing Your Protagonist

5. What has been the most significant event in my protagonist's life up to now?

Well, anyone telling what happened to Susan after Last Battle would have to include - not necessarily agreeing on order - the items:

  • Being to Narnia
  • Denying Narnia
  • Losing those not denying Narnia in a train accident.

If the most interesting story is in the past, you are telling the wrong story.

This is of course not advice totally directed to people who have already told that story or who are building - as fan fiction writers - on a story already written.

In our case (I am just one of many writing the continuation of Last Battle) we can hope to make our story AS interesting as those items, but we cannot write those items, since they were already written by C. S. Lewis. We can of course tell how, in England, she reacted to the loss, which is not told in The Last Battle./HGL

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