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Wings of God?

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Wings of God?

Psalms 16 [17]: 8 From them that resist thy right hand keep me, as the apple of thy eye. Protect me under the shadow of thy wings.

Haydock* commentary:

Ver. 8. Eye. God has shewn particular attention to protect the apple of the eye. He watches still more over his servants, (Zacharias ii. 8.) for whom all things procure good, Romans viii. 28. Saul had declared himself against David, because he had been chosen to succeed him, and thus he opposed the designs of God. (Calmet) --- The prophet prays that he may never give way to such impiety. (Worthington) --- Wings, as a hen does her chickens. (Haydock) --- Defend me from the furious countenance of my enemies. (Worthington)

I thought of the hen to her chickens. So, the "Mantle of Mary" can certainly qualify as the "wings of God". Here is St Augustine,** his reading is certainly using wings as a metaphor only:

8. Who savest them that hope in You from such as resist Your right hand: from such as resist the favour, whereby You favour Me. Keep Me, O Lord, as the apple of Your eye Psalm 16:8: which seems very little and minute: yet by it is the sight of the eye directed, whereby the light is distinguished from the darkness; as by Christ's humanity, the divinity of the Judgment distinguishing between the righteous and sinners. In the covering of Your wings protect Me. In the defence of Your love and mercy protect Me. From the face of the ungodly who have troubled Me Psalm 16:9.

I have ventured to add a less important reason in the story of Asenath, daughter of Dinah, not because of the apocryphic book, that tells her story, but because of the numeric fact that Asenath must be a descendant of Jacob in one of the last books of Genesis. Her story can have been alluded to also in the verse "anima mea erepta est sicut passer e laqueo venantium." Now, history is not the only reason for a verse even if it is a reason. There is always prophecy to deal with, the history of Our Lord, after the Psalmist wrote about Him. I thought of the arms of God made Man stretched out as wings on the Cross.

But the Mantle of Mary will do as well. A mother holding her mantle about her children is a picture of a hen holding her wings around her small ones./HGL



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