Monday, March 26, 2012

Rue d'Isly Day and Shoah Day.

1945 and 1962 two peoples each got out of a war.

The Jews came out as victors. Three years later they got a new land, the land of their forefathers a near two thousand years ago. The Black-Feet or Algerois came to the land their forefathers had left very much less time ago - sometimes 130 years, sometimes 90 years. And they had gone as victors and come back as loosers.

Now, who would celebrate the memory of the atrocities committed by their adversaries in a sad and who in a glad way?

One would expect Jews to say a service in synagogue or minyan for the dead, come out and sing Hevenu Châlôm Aleïkhem and of course There are No Cats in America* and the Algerois to be singing sad songs of mourning wearing black.

This Monday the day of Annunciation coincided with rue d'Isly Day. I had already gone to mass at noon. I overheard parts of the sermon while waiting for the soup kitchen. And while finishing my meal the Black-Feet came out.

"Chez nous soyez la reine, chez nous, chez nous
oh Vierge souveraine, chez nous, chez nous!"

"... mon camarade ...
... à la droite de Jésus!"

"C'est nous les Africains ..."

Et tout le monde de bonne humeur - and everyone in a sunny bright mood.

I have not heard that that is how the Jews celebrate Shoah day.

I can only conclude that the ones who do believe in Resurrection are ... Catholics.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BpI, rue du Renard
26-III-2012, Fête de
l'Annonciation et
Mémoire de Rue d'Isly

*An American Tail: There are No Cats in America

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