Misunderstanding Begging (Some Cultural History of, Blog Theme Obliging) and This Beggar

Anyone knows there are beggars who beg for alcohol consumption, sometimes a question of getting sleep at night when cars are still noisy at one o'clock in the morning.

Anyone knows there are Roma families begging, usually women or Muslim women too. Minorities which might have some difficulties either getting work or fixing papers with social workers.

Then there was this thing about St Francis and St Dominic, begging in order to be humble monks. And preaching close to the people.

But the main reason for begging has usually been either not being able to work with one's body or not finding work or - somewhat more exotical - not being properly paid for work done.

Eltsin did good things, and maybe some bad. Under his rule teachers were begging in Moscow. They did not take other works, they were teaching the usual hours in school, but they were not paid. The landlord let them stay although they could not pay the rent. And for eating, they begged in the streets for some time each day.

Anyone knows I am not a gipsy, though I rather like them (or used to earlier, but now I wonder if they are trying to give me an extra education right now, and I am 43 years old, soon 44 if I live that long), and that I am not a Muslim.

Some seem to think (mistakenly if so) that I am imitating closely St Francis and St Dominic. I admit they are models for courage and dignity in begging, but my personal goal is more like that of a teacher not paid in Moscow a decade ago or so. Surviving while I ... not teach in school, but write. Each day I write on internet, except when libraries are closed. Before they open or after they close I beg for food or for washing or I go to free breakfasts for the homeless or I ask picknickers if they want to share some food. Sometimes they do.

But as the teachers are better off if paid, I would be better off if my essays were printed or if my music were played.

I certainly believe the Catholic / Orthodox faith, whatever is common between Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox. On most issues dividing them I take the Roman Catholic stand. I have serious issues with recent Popes, none so serious with St Pius X (except hoping he was wrong about Eastern Orthodox being heretics).

I have not proposed what is normally known as gay marriage, but I am proposing - against recent popes - that if a homosexual is a layman and not a religious he has TWO options to save his soul. Both of which exclude sodomy, obviously. One of them is marriage. Anyone who says a monk excluded from monastery for homosexuality could marry is wrong about monastic vows. But anyone saying a homosexual layman cannot decide to marry a woman (and we all know some Lesbians have married men) is wrong about free will in the case of homosexuality. Or about the kinds of reasons a woman would marry a man for. Some do and did respect the man who honestly said he was gay but also said he believed in God's marriage. I recommend no one to lie about it, I recommend no one to use a marriage as a smoke screen. Those evil things are being done without any recommendation from anyone.

And the reason I came into this debate in the first place is not me being homosexual. I did tell my former stepfather once "ich bin schwul"* when the correct German would have been "mir ist schwül".** It was a hot day and my German vocabulary is weak (I left Vienna for Sweden at age 11 years sth like 6 months). So much the worse for my German, but not for my sexuality. The real reason is I have been targeted as a homosexual by "understanding" people who would like me to "accept my sexuality". Especially when they wanted me to keep away from the daughter of this or that bourgeois or Darwinist / Massonic friend of theirs. I already do accept my heterosexuality. The other real reason is also that I started out under Swedish law which put Åke Green into prison for discriminating against homosexuals. I asked myself how I could follow the law and keep the faith. I think I have so far done a better job than recent Popes who in this matter, following psychologists rather than God, have outcalvined Calvin in Calvinism. I mean, he was branded for Sodomy, as far as Noyon archives told an English convert and Catholic Apologist of 16th C. And he married and got children. So, about that thing, he has been less Calvinist than recent Popes saying basically that homosexuals are unable to marry, as in affirming a disability for a heterosexual relationship based on obedience for God's law.

Caution: some people like the misunderstanding and like the other misunderstanding about my begging being a full St Francis type of lifestyle. They are probably the people who spammed my guestbook*** after I wrote an entry to two girls I met in a park in Paris - with links to articles about a man who did what I just described.

I also have issues with saying it is allowable to use the period method to avoid pregnancies. Of course it is licit to use it to get pregnant, but I have issues with saying a married couple might want to avoid pregnancies. St Pius X was I have recently read on FB one child out of 21 or 22. He was raised on an earth floor. I see no trouble with that - unless certain lawless recent progressive pseudo-authorities make trouble about it. And - here we come back to begging - St Eusebia's° father used to beg between works. He was no less proud a father because of that.

So, it might be better for some wanting truth and orthodoxy, if I had my essays printed than if I continue as now begging and have people speculate about my real stance on this and that, when they coudl very easily have had it by reading the essay where I treated about it.

Even if YOU believe limiting children to five by period method is good and that Evolution and Heliocentrism are true and truly compatible with Christianity, why should that make you interested in stopping someone from saying and printing the opposite?

If there is such a consensus about my deeds "needing correction", I might perhaps as well carry on and pretend it is raining. It is not quite a position from which it feels really good to get a work that will make me eat more and make me less chaste - if only hope from that is to get another "no" from another girl who thinks I am mad on another workplace with other people trying to give me the upbringing they would have liked me to have had instead of the one I really got.

While we are talking about that: mother did raise me Christian and Creationist, it was me who took supplementary steps of becoming Catholic and Geocentric. In case someone was in doubt.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Parmentier
Decapitation of St John the Baptist
29th of August 2012

* My actual words translate as "I am gay", but that was, as said a mistake.

** What I wanted to say translates as "I feel stuffed/hot".

*** Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : Why the Guestbook Spam? Possible Explanation

° Sor Eusebia Palomino's. Even if pseudo-Pope John Paul II was unworthy to canonise her, I see no objections to her being a saint, though. Her prayers twice I believe exorcised a poltergeist infestation. And she correctly prophecied which one of two other nuns would be surviving (I think) and would be martyred by the Reds (I know) in the War following her death in 1935.

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