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Neanderthal's Language

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Dr. Jeffery Laitman, at Mt Sinai school of medicine, in a video argues about as follows:

"the central part of the base is flat" (4:40 in Homo Sapiens vs Neanderthals | The Evolution of Language*) - > so Neanderthals probably had the larynx high up in the throat (like children** and like apes) - > "according to some linguists, they probably coundl't make certain of what we call the quantum vowel sounds ... the sounds in boot, father or feet" (8:11 or so ...)

Now, there is a class of languages where this is less important.

You see they depend mainly on consonants. However, most consonants are not that much affected by size of resonance box or by position of larynx.

This means, any language from this class could be better off as a pre-Flood language than, say, Homeric Greek, which depended on very full vowels. Hawaian is also out.

Now, if the Neanderthals could not get an oo from boot totally distinct from an ee from feet, well, perhaps also the consonants w as in woe and y as in yore were hard to distinguish?

There is one Semitic language (one of the families in the class depending mainly on consonants, there is also a Caucasian family with the trait) where w and y are somewhat interchangeable.

It is, as my mother's language books from back then taught me, so that "waw-yod" confusion in mid radical was one of the features which scared me away from learning Hebrew, well, it is Hebrew.

So, if the general pre-Flood language was Hebrew and if Neanderthals lived pre-Flood, what Jeffery Laitman says of Neanderthal anatomy supports this.

He goes on in the video to argue their brains didn't function as ours, no symbolic behaviour ... well, they don't cave paintings - but those could be from one single genial artist post-Flood, some close kin of Noah, and they could have made some where colours were washed off during Flood. It seems "they invented the hashtag".

They are also arguably behind the bone flute from Divje Babe in Slovenia.

They also buried their dead, it would seem.

They knew how to impregnate wood with a substance so it ignited faster - and you don't get advanced technology without symbolic behaviour.

To a Young Earth Creationist, knowing they had our FoxP2 gene, our Broca's and Wernicke's areas, and that we share in some but not all cases more of their genes or less of their genes, it is obvious they descended from Adam and Eve and could speak.

And what Jeffery Laitman says of their anatomy argues, what they spoke could have been Hebrew.

More, perhaps, tomorrow, on them, today I am a bit tired.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Pope St Pius I, Martyr***

The premiss in previous that Neanderthals sounded as talking with speech handicaps, I did change my mind on. I think Neanderthals may well have sounded fairly normal. They were certainly capable of normal purposeful behaviour.

* Homo Sapiens vs Neanderthals | The Evolution of Language
Epic History | 3.I.2016

** He speaks of a "trace of Neanderthal" in all of us, but we are not now considered as evolved from Neanderthals.

*** Romae sancti Pii Primi, Papae et Martyris; qui martyrio coronatus est in persecutione Marci Aurelii Antonini.

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Afterthought next day:

You know Greek oinos, previously presumably woinos, and Latin vinum, previously voenom, one may presume (v=w in older Latin), come from a word which in Phoenician was wayin, but in Hebrew ... you have got it, w and y, yayin.

How do you get a language more perfect for Neanderthals than one in which not only vowels are secondary, main thrust of a vowel may be supplied by a consonant (y for ay, ee, w for aw, oo, aleph or ayin for ah, sometimes also aw), but also w and y are interchangeable?