Friday, May 3, 2019

Why Babel was not Babylon

I mean, the original Babel in Genesis 11, first part.

When the totality or just élite at Babel started building a city and "a tower" (whether it means building, building complex or something else), everyone was speaking Hebrew.

While Akkadian is close enough to be easy to learn, I guess it is as close as German to Swedish, it is not Hebrew.

This means, if Babylon had been Babel, we should find either no writing or Hebrew writing at relevant level.

We find Akkadian and Sumerian. Both are post-Babel languages. The Marduk ziggurat in Babylon, which Nebuchadnezzar tried to and failed to complete, cannot be the tower the top of which was meant to reach heaven, for this exact reason.

I was reminded of this because of beginning to watch a video about Babylonian maths:

This is what 4000 year old math tastes like
Tibees | 3rd May 2019

Now I'll continue that!

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