Monday, June 26, 2017

What Has the Church Done About Pederasts in the Past?

While I am accepting Pope Michael, I also like the claimant called Boniface X.

He has a site with plenty of good material, which plenty of people not accepting him as Pope could without qualms spread, despite considering his claims as erroneous.

I found some goodies today.

Scientists Executed by the Catholic Church

Now, his conclusion is:

In none of these cases was a man put to death or imprisoned merely on account of his scientific ideas; in most cases, these people were punished for theological heresies, or for political actions or financial reasons.

He omits Galileo from the list. He was imprisoned for ideas then considered hererical and now considered by many scientific. Imprisoned, but treated well. And thank God, he seems to have converted.

Now, one item which is on the list is on the other hand Cardano.

Cardano always suspected his elder son's execution was pushed by his professional rivals and fled Pavia, not only due to his professional difficulties but due to allegations of sexual impropriety with students. The Inquisition arrested him in 1570 but he was imprisoned only very briefly. He was released upon renouncing his professorship, which seems to have been the aim of his enemies. After his release, he was employed by Gregory XIII and given a lifetime annuity to compensate him for his difficulties.

In those days, men could start university at 15. Women were absent from universities. This would give you an idea of what "allegations of sexual impropriety with students" could mean, and the Church found it good enough when he accepted to have no more students.

Note, in these days any cleric offending in homosexual (including pederastic) ways, even less than full sodomy, was deposed from his office. Seminarians and novices were simply thrown out of where they were entering religion, and probably could marry if they wanted, while those who had made vows of chastity which could not be dispensed with were required to stay chaste in the world.

This contrary to a rumour that the pedophile crisis has been going on for centuries with Church criminally sheltering offenders.

Hope this doesn't disgust you from using Cardano's useful discoveries, as Tolkien said about such things, a man's soul is not perverted in all nooks and crannies just because he is a pervert, he can still do some pure things through corners of his mind remaining pure, sane, serene. And that would at least as much go for Cardano's mathematics as for Oscar Wilde's Ghost of Canterville or Importance of Being Earnest.

If you have a prayer left to pray today, keep Oscar's soul in your prayers!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Sts John and Paul of Rome
Martyrs under Julian*

* Romae, in monte Caelio, sanctorum Martyrum Joannis et Pauli fratrum, quorum primus erat praepositus domus, secundus primicerius Constantiae Virginis, filiae Constantini Imperatoris, et ambo postea, sub Juliano Apostata, martyrii palmam, caedente gladio, perceperunt.

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