Thursday, September 8, 2016

Short History of Ghetto's in Papal States outside Rome and Ancona

Ghettos were erected in 1555, with Cum nimis absurdum. (Previous examples are Frankfurt and - in 1516 - Venice, but those are other states).

That was Paul IV.

Exit Paul IV, enter Pius IV. Exit Pius IV, enter Saint Pius V. 1569 he expels Jews from Papal States except Rome and Ancona.

Note that neither bull was a directive about treatment of Jews all through Christendom, though they could serve as an example. Both were concerning only the Papal States.


In other words, the treament of Cum Nimis Absurdum was, except for Rome and Ancona, only in function during 14 years. And obviously, even during that time, they were free to get to areas where things were freer for Jews.

As obviously, these measures only applied to unconverted Jews. A Christian of Jewish background was not allowed even, as far as I know, to stay in a ghetto. He was in some cases solemnly expelled from ghetto as soon as converting.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibl. Mouffetard
Nativity of Our Lady

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