Sunday, November 9, 2014

Extreme Badness of Google Translate (Copy Pasted both texts)

1) Extreme Badness of Google Translate (Copy Pasted both texts), 2) Extreme badness of computer scanned text retype, 3 a) basic english blog This will be. Easy. b) I was wrong. c) Reading level/blog readability test : Server Failure: The name server was unable to process this query.

English Original
I am only showing that I care
French Translation
Je ne fais que montrer que je fous

More typical badness of Google translate:

English Original
French Translation
I jumped in:
"sans le E final"
English Original
French Translation

Of course "shielde" and "shield" mean exactly the same pronunciation, it is the exact same word. But only "shield" rather than what you can find in 14th C. manuscripts of Chaucer, perhaps still in Morte d'Arthur by Malory is programmed in the English vocabulary, so the latter, "shielde" is treated like a proper name, left untranslated, or as an unknown word "hope the guys have a dictionary for what Google Translate doesn't fix" said some programmer (and yes, professional translators may use Google Translate as a first draft). But "bouclier" or "écu" depending on exact form of the object would be correct translations, "écu" also meaning a coin, "bouclier" being same word as "buckler." And the more common of the two words.

This is why my Swedish texts are difficult to get right by Google Translation : I use an older spelling. Not 14th C. but as with English in Britain a spelling that was current in 18th C. before Webster - and were even more so when I replaced "å, ä, ö" with "aa, ae, oe" which a human reader will understand but which wreaks havoc with computer translation. I now have other ways of dealing with lack of Swedish keyboard./HGL

Here is a Bing translate, and the result is catastrophic.

I will therefore give the faulty translation crossed out and the correct one beside:

Spanish original
Bendita sea tu pureza y eternamente lo sea, pues todo un Dios se recrea en tan graciosa belleza
French translation
Béni est Bénite soit votre pureté et être qu'elle le soit éternellement, tous car (ou et puis?) tout un Dieu recrée en beauté si drôle si gracieuse beauté.

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