Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Extreme badness of computer scanned text retype

1) Extreme Badness of Google Translate (Copy Pasted both texts), 2) Extreme badness of computer scanned text retype, 3 a) basic english blog This will be. Easy. b) I was wrong. c) Reading level/blog readability test : Server Failure: The name server was unable to process this query.

Note, I am not speaking against scanned pictures, but when a scan results in the computer making texts rather than images. In Project Runeberg's version of Nordisk Familjebok, I have no problem reading the text from scanned images, but more than once I have had to correct the text produced under them. Here is a typical and pretty bad example. First a Bible text in English translation, then the scan produced text, then the real Latin words:

  • If the world hates you, remember it hated me first.
  • Si imtndus vos odil scitofeqnia mcpviorem Kobis odio halmit
  • Si mundus vos odit scitote quia me priorem vobis odio habuit.

This post has three sixes in the post ID. Possibly someone was trying to excommunicate* me and warning me it was an "antichristian" thing to expose computer scanned texts.

Or to warn me that "Si imtndus vos odil scitofeqnia mcpviorem Kobis odio halmit" was offensive to the Sacred Word of God. But it is not my invention. I found it here:

Lettres apostoliques de S. S. Léon XIII, tome 7

So you decide who is Antichristian - me for writing this, or some other guy for trying to scare me by unjust excommunications, or neither, if you prefer to think of the three sixes as a coincidence. For my own part, I am not adding a signature here, for that reason.

* Just because of that I also found I had spelled the word "ecommunicate"!

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