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Whose Work - Humanly Speaking - is the Haydock Commentary?

 Haydock 1859, NT commentaryOT commentary
 The site's own list of commentators
 Commentators often cited in the diverse pages of the Haydock Comment:
I"Jacobus Tirinus (1580–1636) was a Belgian Jesuit Biblical scholar. His major work is the Commentarius in Sacram Scripturam, a Bible commentary in two volumes from 1645.[2] He also published a chorography, Chorographia Terrae Sanctae in Angustiorem Formam Redacta, around 1630."Jacobus Tirinus
a k a Tirini Jacobi, Tyrinus, Tirynus, Jacques Tirin, Tierens, Tierin, Le Thiry.
II Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), Volume 5
Jean-Baptiste Duhamel
by Charles Albert Dubray
""Institutiones biblicæ" (Paris, 1698), in which are examined the questions of the authority, integrity, and inspiration of the Bible, the value of the Hebrew text and of its translations, the style and method of interpretation, Biblical geography, and chronology; "Biblia sacra Vulgatæ editionis" (Paris, 1705), with introductions, notes, chronological, historical, and geographical tables."
III"Here with the help of his brethren he began to gather the material for his commentary of the Bible, which he completed at Münster in Alsace where he was sent in 1704 as sub-prior and professor of exegesis. The first volume appeared in Paris in 1707 with the title "Commentaire littéral sur tous les livres de l'Ancien et du Nouveau Testament"; the last of the twenty-three quarto volumes, owing to various delays, was published only in 1716. To satisfy the demand for the work a second edition in twenty-six volumes quarto was issued 1714-1720, and a third, enlarged, edition in nine volumes folio 1724-1726. A Latin translation by Mansi was published at Lucca, 1730-1738, in nine folio volumes, with new editions at Augsburg (1756, eight volumes folio) and Würzburg (1789, nineteen volumes quarto); another Latin translation by F. Vecelli appeared at Venice and Frankfort (1730, six volumes folio). This shows how much the commentary was esteemed. But while it was received with high praise, even by Protestants, critics were not wanting, among whom may be mentioned the Oratorian Richard Simon." Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), Volume 3
Dom Augustin Calmet
by Florentine Stanislaus Bechtel
IV Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), Volume 10
Giovanni Stefano Menochio
by Walter Drum
"Jesuit biblical scholar, b. at Padua, 1575; d. in Rome, 4 Feb., 1655." (Nuff said!)
V "Bishop of Debra, Vicar Apostolic of the London District, author of spiritual and controversial works, b. 29 Sept., 1691; d. 12 Jan., 1781." ... "He continued to write, and almost every year published a new book, but they were more usually translations or abstracts, such as "The Historical Part of the Old and New Testament". One more work of original value remained, and that was his little "British Martyrology" published in 1761." Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), Volume 3
Richard Challoner
by Edwin Hubert Burton
VI Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), Volume 7
George Leo Haydock
by Anthony John Maas
"Priest and Biblical scholar; b. 11 April, 1774, at Cottam, near Wood Plumpton, Lancashire; d. 29 Nov, 1849, at Penrith, Cumberland." ... "Father Haydock's chief publication was a new edition of the English translation of the Latin Vulgate first published at Reims in 1582, and at Douai in 1609; Bishop Challoner's text of 1750 was the basis of the work, but in the New Testament Dr. Troy's edition of 1794 is largely followed. The notes are partly original, partly selected from other writers, those on the New Testament not having been compiled by Father Haydock. The edition appeared in Manchester, 1812-14; Dublin, 1812-13; Edinburgh and Dublin, 1845-8; New York, 1852-6."
VII"His works

"Commentarii in quatuor Evangelistas", early editions: Pont-a-Mousson, 2 vols., folio 1596-97 (Lyons, 1598, 1607, 1615); (Mainz, 1602, 1604); (Paris, 1617, 1621); (Brescia, 2 vols., 4o, 1598), (Venice 1606); modern editions: (Mainz, 5 vols., 8o, 1840; 2 vols., 1853-63; id., 1874); (Barcelona 10 vols., 1881-82); "Commentary on St. Matthew" in Migne, "Curs Script." Maldonado's "Commentaries" have been translated by G. I. Davie (London, 1868)." ... ""Commentarii in Propetas IV (Jeremias, Baruch, Ezechiel, Daniel): Expisito Psalmi IX: Epistola de Collatione Sedanesi" (Lyons, 1609); Paris, 1610, etc.) "Ezechiel" is in Migne, "Curs. Script.", XIX, 654-1016, and since 1693 "Commentarii" in praecipuos Sacrae Scripturae libros V.T." have been added."
Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), Volume 9
Juan Maldonado
by Antonio Pérez Goyena

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