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I am not a believer in Hörbiger

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In case you do not know who Hörbinger is, maybe von Däniken strikes a bell.

Thing is, outside the Biblical time scale, theories vary. One is the Darwininan one, with its continuations up to Haldane and beyond. According to it, you can compare the age of the earth to a year and you get Homo Erectus at about 8 pm on the last day, on December 31. Or you get World War II a few minutes before midnight or even just a few seconds before midnight. I am sure pretty much everyone in the Modern Western World is familiar with what this view entails as story line. Abiogenesis, one celled organisms joining up into many celled organisms, fish getting onto land, dinos getting into air (as both birds and pterodactyls) and back into water and into mammals, mammals getting into air as bats and back into water as dolphins and whales, mammals getting into primates, primates into hominids, hominids into man, cave men into farmers, spirit worshippers into polytheists, Christianity an interesting but bygone part of human spiritual evolution. I am arguing against this view all the time.

Now, I was looking into Hörbinger when I was younger. Not for truth with a big T, but simply for truths and even when falsehoods somewhat more interesting such than the Darwinian such.

I did not ever say that I believe neither Darwin nor the Bible, but prefer Hörbinger. I am a Christian.

What I said was, that if you do get away from the Bible you can as well get into Hörbinger, Edgar Cayce, von Däniken, Zechariah Sitchens as into Darwin and Haldane.

That is not so much a rational compliment to the Hörbinger team as an insult to the Darwinian one. And it is meant to be so.

It is in a way an æsthetic compliment to the Hörbinger team and their stories. I would like to say it as their "tall stories" - a particularly apt wording about especially Hörbinger. He believed that the Moon we have is not the first, that previous moons have fallen into the Earth with horrid cataclysms as a result and that before doing so it was close and therefore enabled men and beasts to grow higher, since counterbalancing the gravity of Earth (wonder a bit how that works out when moon is under the earth and added to its gravitation ...). But one thing I think they did get right is that there have been giants.

This is not an endorsement of "Ancient Alien Astronauts" theories like those of von Däniken. If he takes sometimes the right phenomena, like this or that tale or picture of giants, he gives the wrong explanation.

He gives the explanation that best accords with an Atheistic or Pantheistic and basically Darwinian universe, in which however Earth is not itself quite Darwinian in its past, in which life and human civilisation are not purely local evolution products.

I agree they are not, but I do not agree they are evolution products on older stars with older planets either.

I hold totally to the Christian story. As I hold to the Christian Metaphysics.

But I also hold that if you reject it you are as wise or as foolish to believe in Hörbinger as you are to believe in Dawkins.

This is what I believe about the giants of old:

Baruch 3: [26] There were the giants, those renowned men that were from the beginning, of great stature, expert in war. [27] The Lord chose not them, neither did they find the way of knowledge: therefore did they perish. [28] And because they had not wisdom, they perished through their folly.

As to the end of the chapter I hold with the Christian interpretation:

[29] Who hath gone up into heaven, and taken her, and brought her down from the clouds? [30] Who hath passed over the sea, and found her, and brought her preferably to chosen gold?

[31] There is none that is able to know her ways, nor that can search out her paths: [32] But he that knoweth all things, knoweth her, and hath found her out with his understanding: he that prepared the earth for evermore, and filled it with cattle and fourfooted beasts: [33] He that sendeth forth light, and it goeth: and hath called it, and it obeyeth him with trembling. [34] And the stars have given light in their watches, and rejoiced: [35] They were called, and they said: Here we are: and with cheerfulness they have shined forth to him that made them.

[36] This is our God, and there shall no other be accounted of in comparison of him. [37] He found out all the way of knowledge, and gave it to Jacob his servant, and to Israel his beloved. [38] Afterwards he was seen upon earth, and conversed with men.

[38] Was seen upon earth: viz., by the mystery of the incarnation, by means of which the son of God came visibly amongst us, and conversed with men. The prophets often speak of things to come as if they were past, to express the certainty of the event of the things foretold.

God who commands every angel that directs any star became man in Bethlehem and died on Calvary. He rose on the Third Day according to Scripture. He gave his wisdom to the Apostles - by the years of their discipleship, by the forty days before Ascension and by the Giving of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost, and the Church so endowed remains to this day. And will until the end of time.

He even bettered the possibilities for giants, since, unlike those of old, St Christopher was among his chosen ones. And found wisdom and what is more than wisdom. Life eternal. Friendship with his maker and redeemer.

But apart from that, if you have some time to spend on stories that are not sure and theories that are not true about these stories, I do recommend Hörbinger above Darwin.

Not meaning he should not be debunked as to the false claims of truth. Here is a video that does some good job:

VerseByVerseBT : Ancient Aliens Debunked - (full movie) HD*

I have not seen all of it, and if it explicitly denies the existence of giants, I would disagree. Stone hammers can be used by merely human people to chisel big stone blocks, they can have been used by giants, and they can have been used by people who worked under the threats of giants. But I am not equating giants with alien astronauts. Nor do I think we will set our feet on even Mars, let alone planets around the stars. I do not credit astronauts with such capabilities.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Peter Alcantara

*The section UFOs in Ancient art starts off as saying that supposed "space ships" in a Crucifixion scene are actually Sun and Moon shown with human traits throughout Crucifixion scenes of Byzantine Tradition. This totally agrees - not with Ancient Alien Austronauts indeed - but with what I believe: that Sun and Moon are either bodies of or more likely jewels held by angels. And of course that of the Sun did not only watch the Crucifixion, but also chose to go dark when watching it. Something God accorded him (unlike the usual rule for him of shining on both good and bad).

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