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The Age of Rebecca when marrying

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My responses:

28:00 I don't think Rebecca was three, but both sacrifice of Isaac and birth of Rebecca are in Genesis 22.

Whoever came up with this (and it may have been some Talmudic Jew) was probably overdoing the "chronological order" within the text.

[20] After these things, it was told Abraham that Melcha also had borne children to Nachor his brother.

What follows is a retrospect.

But Isaac in fact was 36 or 37 at this time - at most. We are not told if any time passes before chapter 23, he was 36 or 37 when Sarah died. Or if any time passes between 23 and 24. Ah, wait, Isaac was 40 when he married: Who when he was forty years old, took to wife Rebecca the daughter of Bathuel the Syrian of Mesopotamia, sister to Laban. (Gen 25:20).

It would in fact be a bit hard for a three year old girl to draw water from a well in a pitcher (Genesis 24:45).

However, given that neither Jacob nor Esau had trisomy 21, I don't think Rebecca was 40 when giving birth to them (OK, at that age, the risk is 1 %, still 99 % to go), and Rebecca could very well have been 13 when married (33 when finally giving birth)./HGL

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