Sunday, May 15, 2016

How Ulysses Signifies Christ

Ulysses was not visible at the side of his wife for twenty years. With Christ and His Church it is about twenty centuries, soon enough.

Ulysses was reunited to a wife who had been faithful. So will the Church who rejoins Christ have been.

Penelope had been put under extreme pressure, so will Christ's Church have been.

Penelope had been harrassed by suitors trying to take her husband's place in her life, mostly not for her sake, but for the sake of the power it meant. This will also have been the case, and has been the case in the past time after time, with the Church. There are many Antichrists.

Among the suitors, one was outstandingly bad and Ulysses reserved killing that bad man himself. His name was Antinous.

There was another Antinous in Antiquity. The loverboy of Hadrianus.

Now, funny or not, Hadrianus also has a name with Antichrist allusion. His name means "from the sea" as much as the fictional Caspian does. However, Hadriatic sea is in Mediterranean, so to speak THE sea of the Hebrews, therefore of St John and of God.

I checked out the names of Hadrianus and Antinous in ASCII Code values, upper case only, neither gave 666, I did also check out the mean value. It was not 666, but 648.

In Ukrainean, Communist could be spelled (probably incorrectly, but understandably) as KOMYNiCT. If KOMYNICT adds up to 616 and is not useable in Cyrillic, KOMYNiCT, with 32 more, is useable in Ukrainean Cyrillics, and it adds up to 648. Lao Gai could also be spelled Lau Kai and that adds up to 599. Numeral 1 has ASCII Code value of 49. 599 and 49 = 648.

And yes, what Penelope and the child "of the Church" (of Penelope), Ulysses, suffered, had some Lao Gai feeling about it too.

Of course, since Ulysses was a Pagan, his life is not all exemplaric, he does not signify Christ in all respects. Christ is no liar or deceiver, for one.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris XI
Pentecost Day

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