Saturday, July 25, 2015

Of Course, "True Prophet" in One Sense, Not Another

1) A Heretic Who Was A True Prophet, 2) Of Course, "True Prophet" in One Sense, Not Another

One can speak of "true prophet" as one whose prediction is fulfilled.

One can also speak of "true prophet" as one who is prophecying on behalf of the Lord. And whose predictions are fulfilled.

The heretic mentioned in previous post was of course not the latter.

He was the kind of prophet Deuteronomy warns of. There is a prediction fulfilled and the predictor is trying to get people away from the true faith.

A bit like the predictions of Delphic Apollo. Self fulfilling predictions.

This politician caused a good deal of bloodshed to happen after the Catholic became King (and after he was unlawfully deposed at "Glorious Revolution"), by predicting that fact. Those who believed and feared, brought about the fulfilment of the prediction. Like Akrisios, like Oidipous, with innocent victims (more or less), like Iokaste, like Eteokles and Polyneikes, like Antigone and (in some ways a victim too) Ismene. It took two people, two men, believing the oracle, to ruin the lives of themselves, five other persons close to them and uncounted Thebans and neighbouring soldiers.

So also, believing this politician's oracle about James II becoming a second spell of "Bloody Mary" really made William of Orange ("William III") a second spell of Edward VI and of the bloodthirsty crushing of the Prayer Book Rebellion.

So, let's not get confused about terminology. That Protestant politician was NOT a prophet of the Lord.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibl. Mouffetard
St James Apostle and Martyr

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