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Chronology for Exodus

Here is from someone* considering Exodus according to Bible was 1446 BC:

The starting point for such a study of chronology is in the monarchy, for 1 Kings 6:1 dates the Exodus a particular time span back from a regnal year of Solomon. For this starting point we may utilize Edwin R. Thiele’s chronology developed in his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Chicago, later published under the title of The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings (1965). According to that chronology, Solomon died in 931 BC after a reign of 40 years. That means that he came to the throne in 971 BC. According to Thiele, dates that are given in the text that deal with the building of the Temple show that Solomon used a Tishri calendar to measure those regnal years (Thiele 1965: 29). The reign of Rehoboam who followed Solomon in Judah was calculated according to the accession year system which means that Year 1 started the year after Rehoboam, likewise Solomon, came to the throne. For Solomon this means that 971/970 BC was his accession year and 970/969 BC was his first full regnal year (Thiele 1965: 28–30). That makes 967/966 BC his fourth year. The Exodus occurred in the spring and Solomon’s Temple building began in the spring (the month after Passover), and thus the building began in the spring of 966 BC, between the two Tishri new years. This gives us the starting point from which to figure backwards, the spring of 966 BC.

The time period to add to this date is the 480 years that are given in 1 Kings 6:1. This goes back to the time when “the Israelites had come out of Egypt.” Adding those 480 years dates the Exodus to the spring of 1446.

Here is Haydock on 3 Kings 6:

Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary, 1859 edition.
3 KINGS - Chapter 6

It has a footnote to verse 1:

1: Year of the World 2092, Year before Christ 1012.; 2 Paralipomenon iii. 1.

The Year of the World here differs from St Jerome's Chronology and follows probably Vulgate - the translation St Jerome made but did not himself use for chronological purposes. Or even KJV/Masoretic text, and it's the chronology of Ussher. Whatever chronologist said the Temple was commenced 2992 anno Mundi, it is noteworthy that the reign of King Solomon was further back compared to Christ.

Since the beginning of the Temple was 1012 BC according to this chronology.

This is 46 years more than 966, so it would place Exodus in 1492 (a year notable on other side of Christ for Christian Recapture of Granada and discovery of Americas ... and some might count it as marking a Shepharadic Exodus from Spain too). St Jerome's Exodus date is 1510 ... not very far off. 18 years.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Victoria, Virgin and Martyr

* Amenhotep II as Pharaoh of the Exodus
févr. 22, 2008 - by William Shea PhD

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