Friday, October 28, 2016

Against Stoics

  • Stoics were Pantheist
  • Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius was a Persecutor of the Church
  • In Boethius De Consolatione, the ancient philosophies are related to the house of wisdom like this : Plato and Aristotle inside, Stoics just outside, and Epicureans far away.
  • Stoics are ethically connected to Immanuel Kant. Whose followers are "going to perdition".
  • AND a Masonic Grand Lodge is, in Modern Greed, a Μεγάλη Στοά, just like the Stoics are named after he poikile stoa. For instance, The Grand Lodge of Greece is in Modern Greek, η Μεγάλη Στοά της Ελλάδος, as I found out today.

Five solid reasons not to admire Stoicism!/HGL

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