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Not Bad, if I Went to London, I might Take Chelsea

It seems, the UK Parliament has a constituency called Chelsea and Fulham.

From the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham: Fulham Broadway; Munster; Palace Riverside; Parsons Green and Walham; Sands End; Town.

From the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea: Cremorne; Hans Town; Redcliffe; Royal Hospital; Stanley. The borough was created in 1965 from the former boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea. From the 1983 redistribution, Chelsea consisted of Abingdon, Brompton, Cheyne, Church, Courtfield, Earls Court, Hans Town, North Stanley, Redcliffe, Royal Hospital and South Stanley wards of Kensington and Chelsea.

Now, why is there a Hans Town?

Sloane Square ... is part of the Hans Town area designed in 1771 by Henry Holland Snr. and Henry Holland Jnr. Both the town and square were named after Sir Hans Sloane (1660–1753), whose heirs owned the land at the time.

Since I have so much been occupied in defending pre-Industrial life expectation (once one had survived child mortality threat), I note Hans Sloane was 92 or 93 years old when he died. 1660 - 1700 = 40 years (obviously he had a birthday in 1700). 1700 - 1753 another 53 years - or not fully so, if he died before his birthday that year. And 40+53=93, 40+52=92.

So, "Leopold Mozart was an old man at 40, when medium life expectancy was 45" is, as far as I am concerned, BS - but I was really reading that (in French) in a book by Jean Blot on his son Wolfgang (and I am NOT recommending the book by JB, if I get time I will in French give a few well chosen comments on clearly erroneous passages.

Wonder why he was called Hans instead of John ...

Sloane was born on 16 April 1660 at Killyleagh in County Down, Ireland. He was the seventh son of Alexander Sloane (died 1666), agent for James Hamilton, second Viscount Claneboye and later first Earl of Clanbrassil. Sloane's family had migrated from Scotland, but settled in the north of Ireland under James I. His father died when he was six years old.

Ah, makes sense.

John, Ian or Sean - can't make up your mind? Well, Hans evades the issue!

He died before April 16 1753, btw:

Hans Sloane was buried on 18 January 1753

At an age of 92.

He has been a President of Royal Society. Another such, second previous to him, Somers, took an unglorious part in the illnamed "Glorious" Revolution.

In his maiden speech on 28 January 1689, Somers argued that James II had forfeited his claim to the allegiance of the English by casting himself into the hands of Louis XIV of France and conspiring "to subject the Nation to the Pope, as much as to a foreign prince".

James the VII and II had, first of all, rejected Lewis XIV's offer of helping him get back the throne by an invasion. Second, giving back Civil Rights to Catholics was something quite other than making England, Scotland and Ireland a vassal state to Papal States (though Magna Charta actually was signed by John Lackland, who did so!). Third, ruling after a Catholic conscience doesn't make an English King any more vassal to Rome than ruling after a Protestant one would make England a vassal state to Wittenberg, Strassburg or Geneva (or, before the Union, to Edinburgh).

So, Somers was as Parliamentarian and Historian a total liar - not the last time that happens with scientists, even good ones.

As we talk of Hamiltons (whom Hans Sloane's father Alexander served) and especially Hamiltons of Ireland, it seems the family intermarried with a certain family called Lewis, probably from Wales. Clive Staples Lewis had a brother named Warren Hamilton Lewis - and that obviously after the Hamilton grandfather or Hamilton grandmother's father. I actually think it was their mother who was born a Hamilton.

Of course, the learned and historical aspect of this post, very indebted to various articles of wikipedia, is not the only reason I put the post on this blog. There is another one. In Chelsea and Fulham there is a Socker Team which seems to be famous. Now, on my main blog, I have promised it deals with all subjects "except football/socker".

Hans Georg Lundahl
but not Georges Pompidou
Sunday a Week Before Assumption

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