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Thomistic Theology Relevant for 5-II-1998, a bit South of Sysslebaeck

Summa Theologica > Second Part of the Second Part > Question 41 Strife > Article 1. Whether strife is always a sin?

Objection 3. Further, strife seems to be a war between individuals. But war is not always sinful. Therefore strife is not always a sin. ... Reply to Objection 3. In order for a war to be just it must be declared by authority of the governing power, as stated above (Question 40, Article 1); whereas strife proceeds from a private feeling of anger or hatred. For if the servants of a sovereign or judge, in virtue of their public authority, attack certain men and these defend themselves, it is not the former who are said to be guilty of strife, but those who resist the public authority. Hence it is not the assailants in this case who are guilty of strife and commit sin, but those who defend themselves inordinately.

Summa Theologica > Second Part of the Second Part > Question 42 Sedition > Article 2. Whether sedition is always a mortal sin?

Objection 3. Further, it is praiseworthy to deliver a multitude from a tyrannical rule. Yet this cannot easily be done without some dissension in the multitude, if one part of the multitude seeks to retain the tyrant, while the rest strive to dethrone him. Therefore there can be sedition without mortal sin. ... Reply to Objection 3. A tyrannical government is not just, because it is directed, not to the common good, but to the private good of the ruler, as the Philosopher states (Polit. iii, 5; Ethic. viii, 10). Consequently there is no sedition in disturbing a government of this kind, unless indeed the tyrant's rule be disturbed so inordinately, that his subjects suffer greater harm from the consequent disturbance than from the tyrant's government. Ondeed it is the tyrant rather that is guilty of sedition, since he encourages discord and sedition among his subjects, that he may lord over them more securely; for this is tyranny, being conducive to the private good of the ruler, and to the injury of the multitude.

5-II-1998 the policeman was not acting on behalf of a judge but of psychiatry.

Which is tyrannical as well as pharisaical and heretical and idolatrous.

Pharisaical and Heretical, see here:

Idolatrous and superstitious, see here:

Tyrannous? Directed not to the public good but to the private good of the tyrant?

See this list of accusations against it:

  1. 1.Jerome's "crime" IS obedience to THE 1st & 2nd GREAT COMMANDMENTS.
  2. 2.Jerome's "crime" IS Loving God FIRST and then Loving himself and Loving his neighbor AS himself and thereby Loving his neighbor and family in the right order for the Love of God. That is why Christ said He had come : "NOT to bring peace but the sword ... to put a MAN against his father ..." (No room for fiends and liars and murderers there -- it puts you at odds with the Enemy of Mankind, his works, display, and followers).
  3. 3.Jerome's "crime" IS Loving the Truth, the Good, the Beautiful Who IS a Person.
  4. 4.Jerome's "crime" remains NOT consenting to be "silenced".
  5. 5.Jerome's "crime" was NOT killing himself.
  6. 6.Jerome's "crime" was NOT killing others who were trying to kill him body and soul.
  7. 7.Jerome's "crime" was to reject and correct attempts to make him assent to false accusations and refusing to sign his name except with the modifier "under duress".
  8. 8.Jerome's "crime" was going to a real medical doctor with the help of a professional friend and alumni from his college and actually getting an authentic medical diagnosis for a real medical disorder that was medically (and scientifically) treatable, then actually beginning to recover and repair --
  9. 9.Jerome's "crime" was losing 60 lbs in 3 months after beginning a highly successful 24/7 medically supervised full taper from the toxins after a highly successful medically supervised 6 month partial taper from 20 years of being tortured and experimented on using deadly toxic poisons (to be triple thrice three times redundant) by a bunch of witch practioners (abortionists for adult males who do NOT cooperate with the same sax unnatural occult agenda (to be triple thrice three times redundant).
  10. 10.Jerome's "crime" was getting well enough to think his own father would be "happy" for his hard work -- and it was VERY hard work for Jerome but Jerome stuck fast to his resolutions -- and made daily progress that astounded his medical doctors. Jerome's "crime" was partial and temporary memory impairment (this heals with time and rather quickly with proper medical recovery).
  11. 11.Jerome's ORIGINAL "crime" was rejecting the homomafia in Lithuania when they tried to seduced and attack him.
  12. 12.Jerome's "crime" was going up against Hell because Jerome was "innocent" and fought with the Grace of Innocence of a Saint and with the Grace of Christ and the Sacraments and Sacramentals, especially the Most Holy Rosary and the Most Precious Blood of Christ. Jerome's "crime" was accepting to be a "Victim Soul".
  13. 13.Jerome's "crime" IS wanting to WIN, Conquer and Vanquish EVIL. Jerome WILL win because Christ WINS and Jerome's friends "in Christ" -- Church Militant, Church Suffering AND Our Lady, Ever-Virgin Mother of God and the Saints or Church Triumphant -- will NOT abandon Jerome but are at Jerome's side 24/7. Tri (triple thrice three times in and with the Grace of the Most Holy Trinity) Themia

This is not about myself. It is not about my mother. Yet our cases are similar, except mine, because I shot, but I neither killed nor willed to kill.

I had studied above answers by St Thomas Aquinas more than once before I decided to defend myself in such a case. I did not kill. Nor did I rebel against what then I recognised as lawful authority, I even notified the policeman I did not regard him in that errand as serving justice.

I have served prison already, 3 and a half years (for, deceitfully, attempted homicide, despite my insistance I did not try to kill or believe I would kill) of which I served 2/3.

I did not rebel against prison as such. Whoever calls me a rebel is a liar. Whoever calls me a killer is a liar. And after prison, excepting one week or less (Wednesday August 15 to following monday) I have not been in psychiatry either.

Other dissimilarity: I have not suffered from any (prolonged) medical condition, excepting caries and scabies.

When I see what Jerome is suffering as psychiatry detainee - I came up with the comparison after his showing a picture about a Guantanmo detainee, I am glad I defended myself without killing. If I had killed, I might have been guilty in another sense. If I had not defended myself, I am afraid I would have been treated as Jerome.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Médiatèque Musicale, Paris
Sts Abdon and Sennen in Rome
St Rufinus in Assisi

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