Thursday, April 25, 2019

Does Easter Worshippers Imply Christians?

One could argue, in most languages it could also cover Jews, Samarians or Karaites, but in English, they would be referred to as "Passover worshippers" if targetted now, since English at least recently reserves "Easter" for first Sunday after first full moon after spring equinox, while the feast taking place 15th of Nisan would be "Passover" in English.

So, in English, an Easter worshipper is indeed a Christian rather than a Jew. How one would refer to Messianic Jews if targetted while also celebrating the Resurrection of Christ on the date of Jewish Passover, I don't know.

So, if it hadn't been for some previous track record of Obama in preferring "Happy Holidays" over "Merry Christmas", one would normally not even suspect the motive attributed to him and Hillary Clinton.

One has also argued that "worshippers" has an idiosyncratic spelling and the condolance would therefore be copied from one tweeter to the other.

It is in fact "worshipers" that is the idiosyncratic spelling.

In US American as per decree of Theodore Roosevelt, you have in US administrational documents "a color labeled ax". In the rest of the English speaking world you pronounce the following the same, or if any difference, it concerns the final r of the first lexical word, and you spell it as "a colour labelled axe". Colour with O U R, labelled with double L between the vowels, and axe with final silent E.

Less systematically, verbs like criticise are spelled with I S E or I Z E roughly depending on where.

Now, the part of O U R getting only O R in words like colour, labour, demeanour and so on, that is mostly respected by all U S American élites. But the part of double or single consonant between stem vowel and endings like -ed, -er and so on, is less systematically observed in part of Americans, because the double consonant clearly is used by everyone else. The more a US American has to do with Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians, Irish, Scottish, and on occasion maybe even English, the likelier he is to pick up an extra consonant.

This being so, since some people not always reading newspapers enough to know of Eid worshippers and Synagogue worshippers or other targets, where the religious obligation of that group to be in one place on one time together makes the targetting even more odious, and especially as these are occasions when they were expecting (socially speaking reasonably) peace, and not being on their guard, Obama and Clinton might do well to clarify to the less well read in modern journalese that they were not trying to obfuscate it was Christians who were targetted.

Because, there is a certain suspicion ongoing against them. It has been expressed, it is not as if they would be paranoidly second-guessing reactions if issuing a clarification. On this account, I'd like to say my "verdict as a Scottish judge" would be "not proven".

I am happy that the traditional Catholics on Sri Lanka were not the target this time, but I am praying for the souls of other Catholics who were, and for those mourning. But despite all mourning, recall, Christ is truly Risen.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Fifth Day of Easter

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