Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Romulan Year

Some people like imagining "December 25" has for a whole millennium or more before Christ been birthday of some Pagan god. The brief answer is : there was no such thing as "December 25" around the Mediterranean up to when Rome became a superpower some 200 BC, and then, up to Caesar calendar remained Luni-Solar, so "December 25" was not fixed astronomically, some years having an extra month, Mercedonius, and there were no known feasts tied to the calendar date of December 25 until AD times.

In this context I mentioned that the original Roman year of Romulus was "ten months + winter". Here is how that worked out:

In a Romulan year
Ten months we have here
When winter is past, next moon signals March
The April, May, June, when the Sun starts to parch
Then Quintil and Sextil, September, October,
November, December, and then it is over.
And winter is here
until the next year.

Not sure I have never read sth similar, but I did some effort to make the verse, so coincidence with other verses of mnemonic nature are coincidental.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Cergy, Astrolabe
St Romuald, Abbot

PS, sorry for first seconds, have to fix the url, so the verses come properly./HGL

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