Friday, February 9, 2018

Is Catholic Material Being Suppressed?

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica: Is Catholic Material Being Suppressed? · New blog on the kid: Not the Only Catholic Targetted


The Catholic or Vatican II Hierarchy seem to be innocent, insofar as Haydock comment is still available on another site.


Short link:

It is less handy, insofar that I need another page for the Bible text, and the sigla are not dissolved into the full names, as was the case on the seemingly now defunct site./HGL

I was going to check, as usual, the Haydock comment on Zacharia 12:3.

Does the comment indicate it is about earthly Jerusalem? Or does the comment indicate it is about the earthly representative of Heavenly Jerusalem, that is, about the Catholic Church?

Here is the normal url of Haydock comment:

Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary, 1859 edition.

Here is what I see when trying to click:

There is a link to 1 Corinthians as well:

1 CORINTHIANS - Chapter 15

And I find this:

I find another link with added letters "id2" - I take that could be "identity 2"?

What I found looked like previous.

Of course, I would say, tripod is a paid site. I have never seen ads, that can be had for 5.95 or 11.95 $ a month, butr not for free, and one difference between the two prices is 1 GB vs 5 GB. A whole Bible commentary, could that be 5 GB or at least past 1? Possible.

It is possible that whoever was keeping the Haydock comment online was fed up with paying the bills.

But as it is arguable that the one formerly paying the bills is a Catholic institution, that would mean some such entity has decided to no longer keep Haydock comment available.

Could this be a sign of apostasy in it? It could. Good comments are no longer available, which formerly were so.

What would Estius have said? What would Calmet have said? What would Haydock himself have said? What did Cornelius a Lapide say (that can be checked elsewhere, since there is one complete by him, alas one which was meddled with in 19th C, online)?

Or Tirinus. Or Menochius.

Here is a little list of who was behind Haydock comment, apart from its compiler Haydock and including him too:

Whose Work - Humanly Speaking - is the Haydock Commentary?

There is another possibility than the Catholic institution being tired of paying the bills. It is, someone on tripod wanted to refuse them the use of their platform - or someone higher up pushed tripod to it. A Masonic or generally Anti-Catholic person in charge on tripod - or a Masonic or generally Anti-Catholic person in charge who could put pressure on tripod.

Who is Tripod?

Tripod is a global team of based in Boston, Massachusetts and Hyderabad, India composed of a truly diverse group of engineers and designers who all love web publishing.

Hmmm ... in the case of tripod, the pressure could come as much from Hyderabad as from Boston ... unless it is just a Catholic Institution which is tired of paying the bills, for some reason.

For the moment, there is an alternative. Here:


It involves, for English, another translation : "Zechariah - Revised Standard Version (1966)." Haydock was, obviously, for Douay Rheims, the Challoner revision.

When you search in it, the book and chapter are not shown in the adress bar, so you cannot link to the thing, as I used to link to Haydock comment, to appropriate pages.

On the good side, I can search Church Fathers in it. On the bad side with that, I get the whole context, not just the comment or use of the passage, meaning that it is more appropriate for a clergyman preparing the sermon for Sunday than for a lay apologist preparing an online essay, which often takes about one hour.

Haydock has often been cited by me. It is very invaluable as a Catholic resource for Biblical Apologetics - and exegesis.

Atheists, perhaps also Jews and others hating Christianity (and some might do that in Hyderabad, just wondering?) have through some years been irritated as I got throw one pinch after another by simply citing Haydock.*

I hope it gets back up, but if not, this could be one sign of a beast which can be described as "and his mouth as the mouth of a lion" - since it seems capable of roaring down any one trying to voice any opposition to it.

I linked to another site also having Douay Rheims, but it only has the notes by Challoner, which are fewer than all the Haydock comment which also included some of Challoner and also Witham. Both of these men were holy people who served the Catholics of England, and this in times of persecution. Bishops, whose consecration went back to the Twelve Apostles.

You know, being a Catholic Bible reader is not a contest of originality. Rather, it is a merit to agree with those who went before us.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Cyril of Alexandria**

Update, 13.II:

* Come to think of it, even some Protestants may have felt some disgust with Haydock comment, since it doesn't support their agenda. ** So far, the Roman Martyrology remains online, thank God!