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Do you Recall How John Ronald Felt About Christopher Flying a War Plane?

I recall one of the letters said:

It would not be easy for me to express to you the measure of my loathing for the Third Service {The Royal Air Force which both Michael and Christopher Tolkien had joined}- which can be nonetheless, and is for me, combined with admiration, gratitude, and above all pity for the young men caught in it.But is is the aeroplane of war that is the real villain. And nothing can really amend my grief that you, my best beloved,{Christopher Tolkien} have any connexion with it.{Letter # 100}

Later, in the same letter, he refers to areoplanes as 'Nazgul-birds'.

"halfir" 11/Sep/2009 at 10:09 PM on this forum:
The "Infernal Combustion Engine' and Planes

So, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien felt his son was riding a "Nazgûl steed" or "Nazgûl bird".

Is there a connection between Pterosaurs and Air Planes? Arguably, yes.

Fossil studies suggest that it pointed toward the body, and that the forewing was relatively narrow. Other studies suggest it was directed forward during flight, resulting in a much broader forewing.

"It is not possible to resolve the debate about pteroid function using fossil evidence alone," the researchers write.

They tackled the problem a different way. Using wind tunnel tests of scale models of pterosaurs, the researchers compared the performances of each position of the pteroid bone.

"We discovered that lift is greatly increased if the pteroid bone pointed forwards in flight, not inwards as had been previously believed. This had the effect of expanding the skin-like forewing in front of the arm," says Wilkinson.

Just like plane flaps

The high lift would have been vital in allowing the largest pterosaurs to take off and land, in a similar way that flaps work on aircraft wings.

Large pterosaurs would have been able to take off simply by spreading their wings while facing a breeze. The leading edge flap would also have slowed landings, acting as an airbrake.

From : News in Science : Pterosaurs flew like jumbo jets
Rossella Lorenzi | Monday, 17 October 2005

OK, so Christopher Tolkien, like any Royal Air Force pilot or for that matter Luftwaffe pilot was basically flying a mechanical version of a Pterosaur?

Ah, yes.

Now, if Pterosaurs were plentiful in the world before the Flood ... - CMI's article from today cites:

Unwin notes that 5,000 to 6,000 pterosaur individuals have been collected so far (p. 51). Nor are there only a handful of places on Earth where pterosaurs have been found. His tabulation of pterosaur-bearing locations (his figure 3.9, pp. 52–53) is telling. There are 38 such locations, and that on every continent except Antarctica. Moreover, 21 of these 38 locations have yielded at least 10 pterosaur specimens, and seven of these locations have yielded at least 100 pterosaur fossils.

This is from the review of David M. Unwin's book Pterosaurs From Deep Time, Pi Press, 2006.

Supposing, as we YEC do, that the 5000 to 6000 pterosaur individuals all were buried in the Flood of Noah, and so all lived just before it, pre-Flood man would have to have been fairly familiar with pterosaurs.

And, either able to tame them (supposing diapsids can be tamed) - or, even better, to make mechanical imitations of them. Perhaps for use in war. Which fits in very well with my theory that the atom bomb and nuclear contamination like references in Mahabharata accurately do reflect a pre-Flood memory. This means, what happened over Hiroshima and Nagasaki could have happened in the pre-Flood world too.

And obviously, after the Flood, pterosaurs would not be completely exterminated, but "gently" pushed away from lands were people were eager to forget some of the worst inhuman technologies of the pre-Flood world.

Hence Americas are likelier than Europe to preserve Thunderbirds into what is now living memory.

Also, I am predisposed to think the pre-Columbian thing which looks like a toy plane actually depicts a plane and actually is pre-Columbian.

The Quimbaya artifacts are several dozen golden objects, found in Colombia, made by the Quimbaya civilization culture, dated around 1000 CE, a few of which (the so-called Quimbaya airplanes) are supposed by ancient astronauts theorists to represent modern airplanes, and therefore to be out-of-place artifacts. The whole of the figurines, measuring 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm) each, are described in mainstream archaeology as depicting birds, lizards, amphibians and insects common in that region and period, some of them highly stylized, as in the Gold Museum, Bogotá.

In 1994, Germans Peter Belting and Conrad Lubbers created simplified radio-controlled scale models of these objects and showed that their models, which lack some convoluted features present in the real figurines, could fly.

Footnoted : Thomas, Robert Steven (2011). Intelligent Intervention. USA: Dog Ear Publishing. pp. 74–77. ISBN 978-1-4575-0778-6.

This does not mean I believe in Ancient Alien Astronauts visiting us. I only believe Nimrod was an Ancient Aspiring Astronaut who failed to build the rocket - and deserved to so fail, if, as I think, he had planned to fuel it with Uranium. But some will lump me with von Däniken or Zechariah Sitchen, just because I take the reverse take ... on same, interesting, type of questions.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Restitute of Carthage

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