Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nibelungen verse project

1) I'll give you wondrous hearsay · which olden tales us tell
of praising of the heroes · of deeds perfected well
of joy and festive season · of crying and of sorrow
of noble men at fighting · so your eager ears I wish to borrow.

2) There grew in Burgund · a truly noble maid
who in all lands no fairer · than her was truly said.
She was ycleped Kriemhilt · and fair to make one grieve
Wherefore of gallant warriors · so many had their flesh to leave.

3) Most lovable the maiden · deserved the love of all
the brave for her took efforts · none enemy, each thrall
and beauteous without measure · that was her flesh so fair
but virtues of this virgin · are fair for women everywhere.

4) Three kings of her were caring · of nobility and might
Gunther, even Gernot · such warriors were right
and Giselher, the young one · a choice and noble man
the lady was their sister · the princes care as best they can.

= 4) Ir pflâgen drî künege edel unde rîch:
Gunther unde Gêrnôt, die recken lobelîch,
und Gîselher der junge, ein ûz erwelter degen.
diu frouwe was ir swester. die fürsten hetens in ir pflegen.

dead link, previously about Nibelungen:

The project had to be abandoned at least for this link, since after the last stanza I copied from it, I have no online Middle High German text to translate. Too bad!/HGL

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