Monday, August 8, 2016

Bear in Bible Prophecy - Persia or Russia?

Some say "traditionally it was Persia, so it's Persia".

Some say "Russia is the major bear ensign right now, so it's Russia".

I say Russia just got an extra point. Ancient Persia reached into modern Russia:

Darius I stele found in southern Russia may become world sensation
Science & Space
August 05, 4:32 UTC+3

KRASNODAR, August 4. /TASS/. Archeologists doing excavations in the area of antique town of Phanagoria in the Temryuk district of Russia’s southern Krasnodar territory have discovered fragments of a marble stele carrying an inscription of the ancient Persian King Darius I, the press service of the Volnoye Delo foundation said in a press release on Thursday.

So, a Persian king erected a victory stele in Krasnodar?

Well, Krasnodar is in Biblical Persia, then!

Other indication of connexion: in Russian fairy tales, Ivan Czarewic regularly travels through "29 kingdoms and 30 countries" before reaching his goal - usually without linguistic problems.

29 - 30 satrapies were there in the Acamenide Empire. In all of them, Ancient Persian could be used without trouble.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris XV
St Severus of Vienne

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