Thursday, April 7, 2016

Selinsgrove or Selin's Grove? 1776, anyway! (Link) (or not? other link)

OSN : Selinsgrove or old town Selin’s Grove?
By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Or not? Wiki has:

Selinsgrove was founded in 1787 by Captain Anthony Selin, who fought in the American Revolution.

Gives reference:

Steve Collward. "The Military Career of Capt. Anthony Selin" (PDF). Retrieved November 7, 2014.

Which says:

Selin came to America on December 5, 1776 and on December 10, was commissioned a Captain in VonOttendorff’s Corps. which was being formed at Great Plains, New York under General Washington’s immediate command. The Pennsylvania Archives lists Selin as Captain of Company No. 2, which records two lieutenants (Lawrence Myers, Christian Froelich) and 47 men. (see appendix I)

And later:

In 1785, Selin founded Selinsgrove, Pa., (Snyder Co.) and he and his wife lived on a farm adjoining the northern part of the town. Selin and his wife had two children, a son, Anthony Charles (who served in the War of 1812 as a Major), and a daughter, Agnes. In 1788, Selin was comissioned a Lt. Colonel of the 5th Battalion of the Northumberland County Militia, which by 1789 consisted of 292 men.43 Selin died on February 3, 1792 and is buried in the Snyder family plot at the Trinity Luthern [sic!] Church on Spruce St., Selinsgrove, Pa.

Appendix I is a muster held by Selin. Note 43 says:

William M. Schnure, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania Chronology, (Vol. 1, 1700-1850, 1918), 84.

So, the work has at least 2, perhaps more volumes, first one appeared back in 1918 and was about the years 1700 to 1850. And the writer was arguably Pennsylvania Dutch, he was William M. Schnure./HGL

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