Monday, April 20, 2015

Error of Category

Quoting an answer by the Jesuit Antonio Spadaro:

30 Giorni*
When did your passion for literature arise?

Antonio Spadaro
Like vocations, passions also arise and develop along paths sometimes unusual and barely traceable. The love of literature didn’t come early, to tell the truth. As a kid I didn’t read many books, I preferred comics. But I remember that one day I was fascinated by a science fiction book for children, in which I became completely engrossed. I didn’t become a ‘devourer’ of books as they say, but I did begin to ‘immerse myself’ in those I liked.

A passion for comics is a passion for literature.

To think otherwise is a very modern error.

His reply that his passion for literature "didn't come early" is an error about category./HGL

* Source:
30Days : A Civilization of writers, poets and web surfers

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