Friday, June 13, 2014

Was the Upper Room Built over Tomb of King David?,-ultra-Orthodox-Jews-occupy-and-drive-Christian-pilgrims-from-Upper-Room-31310.html

The Upper Room, where the Last Supper and Pentecost took place, is a room on the second floor of a building near the area of ​​Mount Zion. Since the twelfth century, it's ground floor is also believed to be the site of the burial of King David, although many archaeologists and historians doubt this.

It is not unfitting that the Holy Ghost was Given from Heaven on a site above the tomb of King David. Precisely as it was not unfitting that Christ should die as Redeemer on a site where Adam was buried.

And it is not fitting that Jews should drive away Christians from either of these places.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Ember Friday of Pentecost
13 / VI / 2014

I must add this: even if the Enemies of Christ are not the true Israel, and are not faithful to the Son of David of whom the Gospel of St Matthew speaks, they did one right thing to be against the visit of that Judaising "Pope". But Christians are not bound to tolerate being chased away.

Hans Georg Lundahl
ut supra.

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