Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Every Reader of Anglo-Saxon Poetry Knows it was Mainly Christian

You had a Verse Genesis. You had a verse Exodus, which was really the narrative parts of Exodus to Deuteronomy. You had a verse Joshua, and up to a Verse Christ - meaning a versified version of a Gospel Harmony. It did not lack a verse Judith. It also had a Dream of the Rood, about St Helen finding the Cross, and several Apostles' lives.

This was done in same metre and with same kind of allusions and same kind of old fashioned words - as in old fashioned and reserved for solemn occasions even back then, when gecleoped, later ycleped, was still a not very solemn, just ordinary word. Now, it may be easier to find Modern English translations of Beowulf than of this Old Testament and partly New Testament Scripture, partly Church History epics.

But though versification does really make reading more lively and memorisation of what has been read easier, even in English there are other metres than the Beowulf one.

You may know I have already been giving a publicity about St Patrick after the Ancient Narrations here. Well, same author, a Catholic priest from Ireland, a Holy Ghost Father, dead to the mortal flesh and alive with God, left behind to his nephew more than one manuscript. And the nephew whom I have the honour of knowing ... sent me this:

in Irish Metre(in English)
with notes from finds of Historical Geology and in light of Revelation

The flyer so to speak also includes a text presenting it, I had to note it as slightly off on the factual side.* But this does not preclude that a text given in verse eases the memorisation. Therefore, anyone wishing to order it:

James Lynch
St. Johnston
County Donegal
Republic of Ireland

Priced €30 or £25 p + p incl.

00353 87 2899762
Skype: James.Lynch1234
Twitter: James1234Lynch

The mail in which he sent it said however:

Old Testament Poetical. 600 pages. EURO 40 direct from author.

I feel clarifications if applicable to different modalities or if either is a spelling mistake or if he has quickly been forced to raise prices, might be directed to him. With a complete OT in verse, I think it does value enough for 40 €.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Hugo of Grenoble

*More on that when my correspondence with the author's nephew is ready. Link will be given.

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