Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She might have got the Poles wrong, she did get the seventeenth C dates wrong, but what a lot she got perfectly right!


MADRID, SPAIN: March 3, 2012
An Address to the Russian People from the Head of the Russian Imperial House, Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, Regarding the Celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the End of the Time of Troubles and the Restoration of the Russian State


Whom did that army reconquer Russia from? Poles or Swedes? I think Poles. She refers, magnificently to those who reconquered Moscow and then - let their ambitions step aside. An example for certain Crusaders, like the conquerors of Antioch.

But let this quibbler be remembered for righting a mere quibble: the difference between Old Style and New Style was not always 13 days.

16th and 17th C. the difference was ten days. As New Style 1700, 1800 and 1900 were no leap years, unlike 1600 and 2000, the difference was growing from ten before to eleven after 1700, from eleven to after 1800 twelve, and 1900 the difference became 13 days. The original ten days? Projecting back New Style to Council of Nicea gave Pope Gregory's commission ten extra leap days to delete. So, the dates are:
  • August 18 (August 28 New Style), 1612
  • October 22 (November 1 New Style), 1612
  • October 25 (November 4 New Style), 1612
  • February 1 (February 11 New Style), 1613
  • February 21 (March 3 New Style), 1613
  • March 14 (March 24 New Style), 1613
  • July 11 (July 21 New Style), 1613
  • June 14 (June 24 New Style), 1619

Maria of Russia has got so much else right. Read it./HGL

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