Friday, May 21, 2010

There was a time before the surnames came around.

Thomas from the Aquino castle is a fair description of a certain Dominican, had he remained a noble, Aquino might have been his hereditary title, but it was not his surname.

Thomas was his only real name. As with Apostle and unlike More and Becket.


Unknown said...

From 'Life of St Patrick' by William Canon Fleming'.

It is not so brief an ananysis as I remembered. He combines Patrick's known birthdate, time of abduction, autobiography with history from several sources to make his conclusion, that Patrick was born in what is now Boulogne-sur-mer, difficult to refute. Other writers he says, 'all possess the key, but they cannot find a lock which it satisfactorily fits.'!!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

William Canon Fleming, thank you very much!

Sorry for missing this so long, Father ... what's your name!