Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ent-draughts identified?

Ent-draughts (The Lord of the Rings Wiki)

Nothing much is known about the contents of these drinks, only that they were made from the river-water and possibly mixed with other things.

If my identification is perhaps off when it comes to the content in Treebeard's place, it is probably not too far off.

The main ingredients except water are bread and fruits. Now, Treebeard arguably didn't have bread, but he would not have had problems getting fallen fruit to add into the water.

And whether the result involves alcohol or not depends on what is fermenting it (lactobacillus or yeast).

How much water has already been added to drain the nutrients and how long they have been in it since adding determin whether the result is mainly refreshing or mainly nourishing (alternatives mentioned in text of both LotR and this wiki).

It does taste earthy, and it has a colour varying shades of brown, green yellow. I think these qualities were mentioned in the text of the book.

Hans Georg Lundahl
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