Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Why does Father Christmas come at Midnight with Presents?

Midnight is the hour when people who are desparate and want to sell their souls to Satan go to meet him. Midnight is the hour when Count Dracula leaves the coffin to go and chase human blood. Why does Father Christmas come precisely then?

Look up Apocalypse. When Antichrist is at his strongest, preparing his death blow to the last Christian army, if it's even that much, someone's coming in the clouds to change the odds.

Look it up in Apocalypse 19. And Father Christmas' sledge is also considered to come from on high.

But of course, Father Christmas doesn't come with armies of horses and riders ... except when he does, when that is what the toys look like. Now, we may go back a little to people who prefer spelling his name Santa Claus or Saint Nicolas ... he threw presents to people to help them not throw away their souls (and bodies) out of desperation.

That's why he comes at midight. Because, the second advent and the first advent belong together. Because souls assailed need gifts - not just spiritual but material too, like when St. Nicolas threw the money - in order to keep their salvation.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris, Pompidolian Library
Christmas Day

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